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Saunas are part of a toasty tradition that is as entwined with Finland as the snow that falls there. Saunas originated as sterile ways to "wash up" before running hot water existed. The word sauna is actually a Finnish word that translates into English as "bath." The first Finnish saunas were dug into ridges in the ground, and later were built above ground from wooden logs. Rocks were heated until in a stone stove using a wood fire. But these first sauna rooms didn't have chimneys and bathers would have to wait until the rooms cleared of smoke. Finally saunas evolved to what we know today: They're traditionally heated by metal stoves and can reach temperatures as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Finland can last up to seven months in the northernmost regions; hence the need for extremely hot saunas. But what about that cold plunge? Well it provides an equally extreme way to cool off. As the Finland tourism board describes it: "When you come out of the sauna, jump into a lake, or roll in the snow. If you do roll in the snow, make sure it is fresh and powdery: old, icy snow can have an effect on your skin like sandpaper." Rolling in the snow sans clothes may sound like the worst spa experience ever.

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