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As the original provider and curator of the best real PTE exam question bank round, our vast private collection of questions have helped countless students breaking the 79+ barrier. This PTE practice platform is for you to get a first hand experience of the actual exam. By repeatedly practicing our questions, you will become very familiar with the exam format for all sections of listenining, reading, writing and speaking.

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New questions

ListeningMCQ single answer0 new questions
ListeningHightlight incorrect word0 new questions
ListeningHightlight correct summary0 new questions
ReadingMCQ multiple answers0 new questions
ReadingReading and writing fill in the blanks2 new questions
SpeakingRead aloud14 new questions
WritingEssay writing0 new questions
ReadingFill in the blanks1 new questions
ListeningWrite from dictation38 new questions
ReadingRe-roder paragraphs6 new questions
WritingSummarize written text4 new questions
ListeningMCQ multiple answers0 new questions
SpeakingRepeat sentence44 new questions
ReadingMCQ single answer0 new questions
ListeningSummarize spoken text10 new questions
ListeningSelect missing word0 new questions
SpeakingAnswer short question26 new questions
SpeakingRetell lecture4 new questions
ListeningFill in the blanks0 new questions
SpeakingDescribe image4 new questions

Latest Prediction

ListeningHightlight correct summary0 prediction questions
ListeningSummarize spoken text62 prediction questions
SpeakingDescribe image97 prediction questions
ListeningMCQ multiple answers0 prediction questions
ReadingMCQ multiple answer4 prediction questions
SpeakingRetell lecture47 prediction questions
ReadingReading and writing fill in the blanks75 prediction questions
ReadingFill in the blanks149 prediction questions
SpeakingRead aloud93 prediction questions
ListeningMCQ single answer0 prediction questions
ListeningSelect missing word0 prediction questions
SpeakingRepeat sentence106 prediction questions
ReadingRe-roder paragraphs73 prediction questions
WritingEssay writing30 prediction questions
WritingSummarize written text45 prediction questions
ListeningHightlight incorrect word0 prediction questions
ListeningWrite from dictation162 prediction questions
SpeakingAnswer short question153 prediction questions
ReadingMCQ multiple answers4 prediction questions
ListeningFill in the blanks10 prediction questions

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