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Sustainability essentially refers to the most efficient use of products. In the case of seafood, sustainability relates to fish and shellfish caught for human consumption by fishers operating under sustainable fishery-management systems. According to Fish Watch, these systems conserve fish stock and the ecosystems that support these species. Fish Watch offers a simpler definition, explaining that sustainable seafood refers to any seafood products that are healthy for the planet, people and economy. Sustainable seafood aims to offer healthy products without harming the oceanic environment and other species in a way that matters in the long run. The quest to find sustainable seafood is an endurance race, not a quick sprint. It involves coordinating fisheries with government regulators and consumers. Consumers are empowered to make sustainable food choices when they have information and education on selecting the best products with the people, planet and economy in mind. Sustainable seafood choices impact not just one spot on the bottom of the ocean but the entire oceanic environment. They can potentially have a lasting impact on fish populations and communities which heavily rely on fish farming and fishers for a sufficient protein source and millions of jobs. In 2015, the seafood industry alone accounted for 1.6 million jobs in the U.S. In addition, the health of our oceans affects the quality of the food we receive. Factors like what chemicals companies are fishing with or what bacteria might they introduce into water sources can significantly impact human well-being on a global scale. If you like seafood and want to help support the supply of your favorite dockside dishes, choosing sustainable seafood can make a big impact over time.

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