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Squirrels Lifespan

Wild squirrels can live up to 18 years, depending on their species, environment and a handful other factors. In North America, we most often see Eastern gray squirrels, tree squirrels and red squirrels, which all have white bellies and bushy tails but slightly different average life spans. They fall into three basic types: tree squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels. All squirrels are part of the rodent family, and as is the case for many mammals, the larger the species of squirrel, the longer its average life span. But what about pet squirrels? Do squirrels in captivity tend to live longer than wild squirrels live? Sometimes they do. Red squirrels can live up to eight years in captivity compared to about five years in the wild. The average life span of a gray squirrel in captivity keeps increasing. They can live as long as 20 years as a pet compared to six years in the wild. Fox squirrels also live longer as pets. In captivity they can live up to 18 years; that's almost double their average life span in the wild. Of course, not everybody loves squirrels; they really are everywhere, and they really do eat everything. Next time you see a squirrel getting into your garden or trying to eat your birdseed, remember the furry little guy is just doing normal squirrel things.

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