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Remote Inhabited Location

The most remote inhabited location on Earth is a place called Tristan da Cunha. As of Feb. 17, 2022, there were 257 people, mostly British citizens, living on this archipelago, which sees a ship carrying mail, cargo and passengers about once a month. Tristan da Cunha is located at 37 degrees south latitude and 12 degrees west longitude, 1,242 miles from St. Helena and 1,740 miles from the nearest mainland, the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. It sits in the South Atlantic Ocean, between South America and Africa, west and slightly south of the Cape of Good Hope. Tristan is circular in shape and is about 6 miles in diameter with a total area of only about 30 square miles. The summer season falls between December and March. During the winter months, the central volcanic peak of Tristan, which rises to a height of 6,760 feet, is covered in snow. Tristan da Cunha, the main island, is the only inhabited island in the chain. The other islands that make up the archipelago are not populated by humans. Today, Tristan da Cunha is certainly off the beaten path and is considered the most remote inhabited island on the planet. However, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the archipelago was on the preferred maritime route to the Cape of Good Hope and the Indian Ocean.

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