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The Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch relay represents an iconic beginning to the games. Former Olympians and members of the public carry the Olympic flame from Athens all the way to the opening ceremony, signifying the official commencement of the games. Creating a unique, functional torch is a massive undertaking. Identical torches must be manufactured for each runner in the relay before the initial lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece. The entire process of designing, modeling, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing actually begins years before the games themselves begin. The fundamental elements of an Olympic torch are simple. It must contain a fuel canister and discharge system to support the burning of the flame; the Olympic flame must be clearly visible while burning and resistant to being extinguished under extreme conditions; and it must be a manageable weight and shaped in a way that is easy to hold. Beyond that, the unique design for a particular host city is left up to the organizing committee. Each torch is designed with the host country in mind. In the case of the Tokyo 2020 torch, designer Tokujin Yoshioka was inspired by the traditional flower of Japan, which is the cherry blossom. Yoshioka also shaped the torch out of aluminum recycled from the temporary housing constructed in the wake of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, according to the Tokyo organizing committee. Approximately 30 percent of each individual torch contains this recycled aluminum.

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