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The role of a doctor

In the fast-changing world of modern healthcare, the job of a doctor is more and more like the job of chief executive. The people who run hospitals and physicians' practices don't just need to know medicine. They must also be able to budgets, a large and diverse staff and difficult marketing and legal decisions.

"The focus in medical school is to train good doctors, but part of being a good doctor is being a good manager," says Fawaz Siddiqi, a neurosurgical resident at the London Health Sciences Centre in Canada. "It's having a core understanding of how to work within the of an organisation."

The desire to be a "good manager" is precisely the reason Dr Siddiqi, who one day to a hospital, decided to go back to school. This past autumn he enrolled in a health-sector MBA programme at the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.