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SEPAHUA Loggable Area
c) In 2001 the government, egged on by WWF, a green group, tried to regulate logging in the relatively small part of the Peruvian Amazon where this is allowed.
a) Instead, it auctioned 40-year concessions to areas ruled off on a map, with the right to log 5% of the area each year. The aim was to encourage strict management plans and sustainable extraction.
e) That pocket donates a tiny patch of legally loggable land sandwiched between four natural reserves, all rich in mahogany and accessible from the town. “Boundaries are on maps,” says a local logger, “maps are only in Lima.” the capital.
d) SEPAHUA, a ramshackle town on the edge of Peru’s Amazon Jungle, Nestles in a pocket on the map where a river of the same name flows into the Urubamba.
b) It abolished the previous system of Annual contracts.