Re-order paragraphs

The text boxes in the left panel have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by dragging the text boxes from the left panel to the right panel.
c) So in approaching this impending summer period, what lingered in the back of our minds was a collectively felt, unspeakable thought: “Were we really up to the challenge?”
f) We could engage in impassioned debates about how as chief executive of a certain company we would have done this, or if we had been the banker on that deal we would have structured it like that.
a) During the school year, we had the benefit of being both unaccountable and omnipotent.
e) Insulated from the consequences of such decisions, and privy to all critical information about the case, we were able to solve complex business problems with relative ease.
d) The information would be more nebulous and the outcomes of our decisions would be unpredictable.
b) We knew that once we began our internships, this would no longer be the case.